Ive been Banking with Compass for 21yrs as my Parents did never had a problem with the bank until I went over 26 Dollars and the Bank charged an overdraft fee, I then found out they were Charging me 7$ dollars a day for three weeks the Balance then became Three Hundred Dollars, I payed The balance off and then closed my Account, I now owe 1500.00 Dollars for my over drat fees they call me and harass me over the phone all week some *** from Birmingham. Ive got 8or9 of my Employess at my Hotel to Close there

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You bounced a check you ***. This is entirely your fault and nobody elses. Don't blame the bank for your ignorance.


You bounced a check - what do you want? Someday folks are goin g to learn that it's not a good idea to try to spend more money than what they have. :cry

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